Doctrine and Devotion: Table Pulpit Square

Joe Thorne

June 2017

Description:Hello to whoever has clicked this link. Pastor John has fallen in love with the three point summary of what any Church should "Be Doing" formulated by Pastor/Author?Blogger Joe Thorne From Redeemer Fellowship. The Complete Podcast can be found here... give it a listen it is quickly becoming somehting you will hear repeated often around Renaissance!

Jesus Fruit Sermon

John Blackman

July 23rd

Description:In John 15 Jesus responds to his disciples concerns over his departure, to tell them while he is not going to be physically present, meaningful contact is not only going to be possible but absolutely neccessary!

Jesus' Father Sermon Jn 14

John Blackman

July 16th

Description:We spend a lot of time trying to figure out what heaven is like , what will be there, what our experience will be? John 14 reminds us that Who is there is the real focus, he is the way the truth and the life to about and with SOMEONE.

Room With A View Part 1: Jn 13

John Blackman

July 9th

Description:Jesus in John 13, knows a lot of things about himself and what is about to happen. In light of this, he proceeds to do something that should produce a fair amount of shock!