Father of Faith: Abraham


October 30th

Description:If Abraham was also justified by faith, Paul's point gains great credibility and God's story of redemption remains a single narrative. Can Paul make such a case?

He Will Listen To You

Mark Heard

Description:Like the sound of the song sample we are using this month on the sermon mp3's? That is an oldie but goodie from the Late Great "Mark Heard" available for purchase on itunes. Crank it up and listen to it here if you would like!

It's About The Gospel Romans 1.1

Pastor JB

September 18th

Description:Romans is about the Gospel, Renaissance Church should be too.


R.C. Sproul

Description:Look at Ligonier Ministries for more excellent streaming content.

Justification In Romans 3

Pastor JB

October 23rd

Description:What is the big deal about Justification anyway? NOTE: at the 9 minute Mark we watched the RC Sproul Video Clip Posted here , from Ligonier Ministries

Not Ashamed Romans1.2

Pastor JB

September 25th

Description:It's likely the most quoted line from Romans lately , what is it's message in context? NOTE watch the bibleproject.net video on Holiness (we watched it at the midpoint of this sermon.)

Romans 2

Pastor JB

October 16th

Description:The whole chapter in one sermon, fasten your seatbelts! Special Mention blogger Juli Camarin and jcblog.net

Romans 5 Part 1


Novenber 6th

Description:New Covenant Blessings...

Romans 5 Part 2


November 13th

Description:Two Adams? Total Depravity? Super Abounding Grace? Join us as we consider what some call one of the most theological passages in all of scripture.

Romans Intro

Pastor JB

September 11

Description:What if Chloe had lost her purse?


Pastor JB

October 9

Description:The Parable of the Workers in The Field.