on any given sunday...

Visiting a Church for the first time can feel like you are crashing someone else's family reunion! You don't know what to expect. 

Our services typically run from 10:30 to 12:00. We are meeting in person and have a live stream.

After that it is typical for people to linger for a good amount of time enjoying one anothers friendship.The children are with their families during the first part then they head off to their various classes durning the sermon.

If you do bless us with a visit some Sunday morning here's what you can expect : 

-To have the opportunity to worship and be encouraged though music, prayer and God's word. 

-To find that children are valued, included and well cared for.

-A great cup of coffee ( well at least we try on this one; it may not always be great but it is always free )

We are currently accepting offerings by e-transfer.  The email address to send to is offering@brooklinrbc.ca

If you would like a tax receipt please include your full name and adress in the comment the first time you give.

Some might describe our style as casual. While we may be fairly informal, we take what we are doing seriously. And we seriously enjoy ourselves while doing it!